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Then you will know the truth...
"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32)
     At no time is aimed any financial gain from the books or the website. I do not want to use the Gospel as profit means, therefore, all of the books are freely available for download in PDF. There's no need even to register in order to download them.

     However, there are some people who does not have internet access or who cannot easily handle with technologies, as happens with some elderly people. With that in mind, I searched for a simple and inexpensive way to have the books printed.
     I found an "on demand" publisher, in which the books are offered for sale and, when purchased, this publisher prints and distributes that unit (send by post, for example). In this system, it is not necessary to have minimum print run and don't even exist costs with ISBN, among others. The publisher name is CreateSpace and is associated with Amazon.
     The only issue is that the books are available on websites outside Brazil (such as Amazon.com), with dollar prices. The books cost only 5 dollars on average (but freight can cost 10 dollars, unfortunately). They are sold at the lowest price, in which only the publisher receives the money. I don't get any royalties. Due to exchange fluctuations between countries and price strategies automatically done by the publisher and distributors, it is possible that I receive a few dollars of royalty (which would have also American and Brazilian income tax deductions). If it happens, the amount received by me is going to be used to purchase new books for donation.
     This is not the cheapest way to have the books printed, but it's a start. I usually buy some books as a gift for people who are not familiar with computers.

     There are some people who like to read books as e-books. Many devices (E-book Readers) allow you to open PDF files, so you can read my books directly on these devices, in PDF format (available for free download on my website).
     But, if you want the e-books in a specific device format (such as Kindle or Kobo), I am also making them available.
     Usually, e-books can be "sold" by zero, so they can be free. However, some e-books need to have a minimum earn (as happens with Kindle). In this case, I always choose the smallest allowed price, with the lowest rates for the buyer and with the smallest royalty passed on to me. After the payment of taxes, the remaining amount is used for purchases of printed books for donation.
    About the Kindle, I chose an option called "MatchBook", in which if the person buy the printed book on Amazon first, then they would allow that person to get the Kindle e-book version for free (using the same person login). That was the best way I found to make Kindle e-books became free.
     I heard that Amazon searches for prices for the same e-book from competitors (such as Kobo) and automatically set discounts for Kindle, sometimes even reaching the price “zero”. As many e-book formats allow me to set their prices to zero, I always use this strategy to try to force Amazon to lower the price or to set free my e-books (which should always be free).