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Then you will know the truth...
"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32)
     The main purpose of this website is to alert/teach/correct/direct people who believe in Christ and want to be Christians in accordance with what was prophesied and witnessed in the Bible.
     The goal is not to discriminate other religions/philosophies/thoughts, not even to arise polemics or create an ideological war against other religions.
     Then, what is done here is to show how some doctrinal lines and some religions have been preaching things discordant to the Bible, but claiming to be Christian institutions, who say they believe in Jesus Christ and that they even read the Bible in their meetings.

     It makes no sense a Christian feel like seeking new doctrines that go beyond the Gospel of Christ himself, written in the Bible. Then, the books of this website are intended for people who believe in Christ and want to believe in the way that it is written in the Bible, but feel confused about the many variations of doctrines preached today.
     Please, don't feel discriminated or distressed by the content of this website. If something bothered you, I apologize, and I would like to say that I'm just trying to alert about some teachings that are against what is preached in the Bible.
     My appeal is that everyone observe, with goodwill, what the Bible has to show us and analyze in your hearts what it means to be a Christian according to the Bible.

         Note: All of the books are available for free download (as PDF).

         There are also available printed versions. They are sold at cost price. Some e-books cannot be free, so they are sold at the lowest allowed value (as happens with Kindle). See more details on the link "Printed books/e-books".
   A small book (10 pages-only), about evolution and "formation of things theories", compared to the notable complexity of nature and also to the creationism doctrine from Bible and to God's purposes to mankind.

   As the book is primarily intended to scientist worldwide, the book is written in English, for it is a common language in science today.
   An extensive grouping of verses, organized by themes. These themes are about many important subjects, in order to show the biblical doctrine of each subject.
   Verses from both the Old and New Testaments, all written in full.

   Some themes:

• Messiah (prophecy and fulfillment)
• Sacrifice forever
• New Covenant
• Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
• Sin and Forgiveness of sin
• Children of God
• Resurrection of the dead
• Die once, then the judgment
• Living and permanent Word
• Food and Saturdays
• Gifts
• Love God
• Be firm with God

... and many others

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"e conhecereis a verdade, e a verdade vos libertará" (João 8:32)
Conhecereis a verdade...